Please check out the FAQ page before purchasing this product. Also, please be aware of the following:

1. Our support team cannot assist with private customization. It is not included with purchasing our products and support. For more information, please have a look at our support policy.
If you need to have some customization for your project, there are many tutorials online, or you may either hire someone locally to assist you or ask Envato Studio for assistance.

2. Some of our product demos are shown with extra addons.
To get these advanced features, you will need to purchase them separately. Each product description page lists all additional addons used and details on how you can purchase them.

3. There are free premium plugins in the package.
Most Javo themes are packed with free premium plugins. The grid is one great plugin that we have purchased with an extended license. You are free to use it on your project. However, some things cannot be included; for example, “skin builder” by the Grid author isn’t included.
The grid loads very fast due to category filtering for present items only. Categories won’t show until you load the category items.

Thank you,

More Questions?

Please contact us via Email ( )


General & Presale

Can I have all of your demo samples if I make a purchase?

Yes you can.

Do we get all of the demo pages in Javo Directory V3 demo site?

Yes, you will get all of them. There is a one-click import system to import them. However, there will be fewer images and listings on the import.

Can I mix different demos together?

Yes, you can do that! But our support team cannot assist in the process. Hint: You can do it by one-click import or one-click layout import. We will prepare documentation on this soon.

How many sites can I use this theme with?

For licensing issues, you need to contact Envato (Themeforest) support team for the details. As far as we know, each site needs its own license.

Do we have all the images and listings from demo import?

If you import our demo sites, there will be fewer images and listings than in the samples we provided online. So you will need to change them to your own listings and images once you have imported the demo pages.
These images are for sample purposes only. Most of them (90% or so) are from free image sites. You can also check the licenses and use them if you’d like.

I like V2. Can I download and us it?

Yes, V2 is always included in the download package, you can install and use it.
However, we recommend you to use V3 which has Javo Map Framework.

Installation & Common Questions

I can't import your demo data. It is stuck at 80% import.

It is most likely due to a server issue for uploading size. Try increasing your server memory. 99% of the time, this is the solution.

Error for missing "style.css".

You probably uploaded the wrong file. ( Link )

Where are grids, sliders, etc.?

You just need to upload the sample data.

Where are licenses for the free premium plugins ?

Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, The Grid, Ultimate
As you may know, Javo has already purchased the extended licenses and included them in our theme. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the extended licenses. This is policy and it is the same for all authors in this marketplace.
You don’t need to add license keys for each plugin. It’s all fine with licensing.
If you have any problems with these premium plugins, then you need to contact us to contact the plugin’s authors.

I have unusual error messages.

If you have 500, 504, 503 (etc) error messages or other messages, it is from a server issue. You can talk to our support team but it is basically from your a server configuration issue for WordPress.


Do you support if I have any problems?

Yes, we always assist to setup your site like one of our demos.

How fast does your support team work?

As we have stated ( ), our support staff answers questions within 24 hours for each ticket on our support site only.
We do not recommend contacting us by email or through the Themeforest pre-sale comments. The support team doesn’t check them.

Do you work on weekends and holidays ( Support hours)?

Unfortunately we do not work on weekend.
Support Hours :
10:00~20:00 (AEST)
01:00~11:00 (BST)

Does your support my private customization?

Unfortunately we (authors) don’t assist private customization.
It’s clearly written on envato support policy and our own policy.
We only assist to setup your site like our demo.

Can we request a paid customization?

It depends on our workload. but you can still contact our support team or email at “”

Is there any sites for customization assistance?

Yes, Envato also provide a site for customization.

What if there are bugs?

Please report our support team on support site.
Our support team will assist your issues and fix as soon as possible.


Does it work properly without any addons?

Yes, it works fine without any addons, for example: Demo8

Demo 8

Do we have to purchase addons?

Not at all. You don’t need to purchase any additional addons. Some of the addons shown in a few of the demo pages show advanced features such as more map styles, claims, WC payments, etc.

What are some good points about addons?

There are many buyers (site designers and owners) who just want to have simple and clean directory themes without any advanced functions or features. They wanted something simple to setup and easy to use. This was a common request.
So, you should purchase only the addons that you need, and forego the addons that you don’t need.
For Javo themes, you may use any compatible addon from the marketplace, however, the recommended addons are very cheap; now only $1 to $10. Although prices may change without notice. Normal addons can range from $20 to hundreds of dollars.

What about V2 users who purchased before V3 was released?

If you purchased V2 before V3 was released on October 30, 2016, then please look at this post for more information.

Different between Javo directory and Javo spot

Javo Directory V3 uses “Javo Map Framework”. It is very strong and loved by users. This framework is well-made for Google maps with javo┬ápost types. It uses “listings” for V3 and can be used for other themes in the future, such as jobs, properties, classifieds, etc.
They use basically the same framework but there are some differences, such as design and shortcodes. Javo Spot uses more shortcodes while Javo Directory uses more grids. You can choose the style that fits your project the best!
Please have a look at Javo Spot and directory V3 for more details and each different styles.

How are Lava-Code and Javo related?

We used to work under the same umbrealla but somehow separated due to private issues. However, they are still nearby and communication is well. They have been supporting Javo with plugins and we support them as well.
It’s a good system and a strong point for the themes and for your sites.

Do you provide customization requests and/or assistance to create more addons?

As you may know, we don’t assist with private customization. It is hard for the authors to do and, quite frankly, the development team doesn’t have time.
However, You can talk to our team.

How fast does your support team work?

Please contact the Lava-Code team for more information.

About WooCommerce Addons

If you want to use “Booking”, “Vendor”, you need to use WC (Woocommerce) addons such as WC Booking, WC product vendor.

As you may know these plugins are not cheap compare to other lava addons.

We have contacted WC team to have a special price for our clients. Unfortunately they don’t have any partnership plan.

These plugins compatibility are from our clients requests. Many of our clients asked to use these plugins with our theme. Therefore we have worked on compatibility.

This issue is also same to all of other products (themes) which are using these WC plugins.